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Soggy driving conditions in Nazko

Residents are on high alert for potential flooding incidents
Bridge on private property that crosses the Nazko River.

Seasonal flooding in the Nazko area is affecting the ability of residents to get from place to place.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) says Batnuni Road is closed 9.4 km from the junction at Blackwater Road due to washout.

In addition, Nazko Road is flooded 9 km north of the Nazko Reserve.

For both instances MOTI is recommending residents take an alternate route through Snaking River Forest Service Road and Harrington Road.

“Just south of me there’s a long bit of road that’s completely flooded,” says Pat Hartley, who lives about 13 km north of Nazko.

“I won’t be able to go to town that way, but thankfully there are other ways out of the valley.”

Hartley says she attempted to drive through some flooded areas yesterday but thought better of it quickly.

“It’s freaky driving through water that deep,” she exclaims.

Her property hasn’t been affected by the soggy conditions yet, but she’s on high alert.

Hartley has built a metre-high plastic berm right in front of her house with a little pit dug out on the side closest to her residence.

“I’ve got a pump on that side, which is not allowing the water to flow in,” she says.

“It seems to be working for now, but this is only day one.”

Cariboo Regional District (CRD) has activated its Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) as of Thursday (April 26).

They are operating at level two preparedness, with six people on call to respond to potential flooding emergencies.

“There are high stream flows and potential flooding issues in Nazko,” says Emily Epps, a communications officer with CRD.

“Our main role during this time is supporting residents who have damage to property or concern because their road is cut off or they need sandbags.”

The EOC is active through the weekend, so residents with issues can call 1-866-759-4977 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

After hours, it is best to call the Provincial Emergency Reporting Line at 1-800-663-3456.

To find out about the latest road closures on highways and major routes, its advisable to check Drive BC at shortly before heading out.

Information can change hourly, so travellers are urged to proceed with caution.

The CRD is strongly encouraging residents to register for the Cariboo Chilcotin Emergency Notification System to receive a text, call or email regarding Evacuation Alerts and Orders or other emergency updates: