Thefts from vehicles on the rise in Quesnel

Vehicle owners in Quesnel must actively protect their property by making it difficult for thieves

  • Oct. 19, 2017 11:30 a.m.
Thefts from vehicles on the rise in Quesnel

From Oct. 9 to 17, there have been 24 reported thefts from vehicles in the City of Quesnel.

These have occurred all over the city but the Uplands, Racing Road area as well as the Johnston and Carson subdivisions have been the worst hit.

Police have the following tips to prevent you from becoming a victim of these crimes:

• Do not leave any property in your vehicle or expect to find it gone when you return later.

Thieves will break in for as little as a few coins or a cigarette lighter. If you absolutely must leave items in your vehicle, secure them in the trunk as many thieves routinely check the glove box and under the seat for hidden items.

Typical items stolen from vehicles include purses, wallets, credit cards, GPS units, passports, house keys, cash, clothing and sunglasses.

• Do not keep spare keys to your vehicle in your vehicle. Police see this happen all the time. What would have been the theft of some change in the ashtray, turns into a theft of a vehicle.

• Do not leave any personal identification in an unattended vehicle or you could become a victim of identity theft.

• Invest in a good anti-theft device, particularly a passive immobilizer. Use a steering wheel lock every time you park your vehicle.

• Secure your licence plates with bolts. Criminals commonly steal licence plates and use them to avoid being identified while committing other crimes.

• Do not set the ‘Home’ function on your GPS device to your home address, but rather to a nearby intersection, thereby not allowing the suspects to know exactly where you live.

• Do not keep your garage door opener in your vehicle along with any identifying information as this could result in directing the suspects directly to your residence.

• If you have a garage, use it all the time when parking at home.

• If you see any suspicious people or activities near a vehicle, call the police immediately.

Report suspicious activity while it is happening. Try to get a description of the suspects and their vehicle (including licence plate).

Do not confront the suspects.

Let the police determine if it’s a crime in progress.

• When fueling your vehicle, ensure that you have your vehicle’s key with you at all times and lock your vehicle when you go in to pay.