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VIDEO: Seal regularly joining rowers on Abbotsford’s Sumas River

Fraser Valley Rowing Club has consistently seen the marine mammal in river since May

The Fraser Valley Rowing Club has had a unique observer during training sessions on the Sumas River since May - a seal.

FVRC recently shared a post of the “new member” and are asking followers to name the marine mammal.

The FVRC is located at 40110 Quadling Rd. in east Abbotsford, with a clubhouse and a dock found on the Sumas River. A representative from the club stated that the seal has been a constant in the area since May.

“We couldn’t figure out what it was for the longest time,” the club rep stated. “We thought it might be an otter. It would just trail us as we were rowing in the river. Then finally in June we got a full glimpse of it sun tanning on the dock. Now we see it all the time.”

The club member said this is the first time they’ve seen a seal in the area. This particular one appears to be a mature harbour seal. Their regular diet consists of migratory fish such as salmon.

Harbor seals can sometimes be seen on the adjacent Fraser River, but it is less common to see them on the Sumas River.

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