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Weekly Quesnel Cariboo Observer hits streets tomorrow

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The new edition of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer hits the streets tomorrow morning. I encourage you to pick up a copy. I think it’s a particularly jam-packed edition. West Fraser’s profits took a dip, local athlete Luke Deyaeger discovered he was good at a whole new sport, it’s the final days to get Reklaws tickets before the big concert, there was a house fire, there was a carjacking, our healthcare recruitment is rolling along quite well, and our local wildfire fighters really got some help from the weather. We also took a long look back at the Cariboo gold rush with a history story about the origins of the community of Australian just a bit south of town.

Which brings up an important point. You know that ultimatum the Facebook/Instagram people (aka Meta) made about blocking Canadian news sources? Yeah, they’re doing that. It’s happening. Apparently, The Observer’s material is now experiencing some disruptions. We will try to flow the information out to you as best we can, but now, more than ever since the invention of this internet thing, the direct connection to local newspapers is important. Cut out the middle-Meta-man. We work hard to bring you news, sports, arts, culture, all the things that reflect Quesnel back to Quesnel. The best way, and a way the Meta company can’t disrupt, is direct subscription.

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