Who is Cory Delves?

Cory Delves is looking for voter support in his bid for a seat on council.

  • Nov. 4, 2011 6:00 a.m.
Cory Delves would like to sit on council.

Cory Delves would like to sit on council.

I’m a BCIT forestry graduate, class of 1977, with 32 years of forest management experience.  My wife Debbie and I recently moved to Quesnel from Port Clements B.C., where I was mayor. For the first time in our married lives we made a move to a place for no other reason than we liked the community.  We’ve retired and are here stay.

In each place that we have called home, I’ve been involved in community service.  Caring individuals are what makes our communities.  During 2005, Port Clements’ Council lost track of what was important to the residents.  I decided to get involved, so I ran as a mayoral candidate and won.  I was re-elected for a second term in 2008.

Quesnel’s current Council has wandered off track, with my experience and fresh new ideas, I can help to reset the course.

The City currently has a debt load of $9 million and there is $45 million worth of planned projects (West side Stability and Multi Centre), not including the long talked about Highway bypass.  Priorities need to be set.

The residents affected by the West Side stability issue deserve a solution to the problem.   Had they known about the stability problem would they have bought there?  No.  So fix it!

The Multi-purpose Centre, while the economic times may not be the best for this project, it is needed to maintain and enhance Quesnel.   So build it!

The combination of high pedestrian and heavy truck traffic at the corner of Front Street and Carson Avenue is a bad combination.  So lobby for the funding and fix the problem!

I’m focused on making the right decisions for today and for the future.   Help me set Quesnel on a new course.