Ted Traer is the new WildSafeBC coordinator, and will be running COVID-safe programming in 2021. (Wildsafe BC Facebook)

WildSafe BC coordinator begins work in Cariboo

Ted Traer is the new coordinator, and will be running COVID-safe programming

The Cariboo will have a new face helping teach the public about wildlife safety.

Ted Traer is the new WildSafeBC coordinator for the region. Traer will reach out to the public through door-to-door campaigns, and teaching programs.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic may be keeping many of us at home, that is not true for the bears and other wildlife that live nearby,” noted a news release by WildSafeBC. “As community coordinator, Traer will be working hard to reach out to community members in new and innovative ways that maintain physical distancing and safety for the community.”

The WildSafeBC program is a partnership between local municipalities and the British Columbia Conservation Foundation.

The programs Traer will be running include garbage tagging, ranger program webinars for schoolchildren and wildlife safety online sessions.

To register, or for more information on the programs, email Traer at cariboo@wildsafebc.com or call (250)-249-5329.

Wildlife sightings including urban bears, cougars coyotes or wolves should be reported to the Conservation Officer Service by calling 1-877-952-7277.

Daily reports of those sightings are uploaded to the WildSafeBC wildlife alert reporting program (WARP), accessible at warp.wildsafebc.com.