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Holger Bauer

July 19, 2007

Our dear Holger Bauer, passed away suddenly July 19th, 2007 in a logging accident. Holger was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1970, to Inge and Erich Bauer. He had 3 sisters, older sister Anja, and younger sisters Britta and Ina. His early home was a window (metal and wood), making shop in Schorndorf, where the family lived upstairs and the work shop was just a flight of stairs away. It was there where Holger working beside his father learned his woodworking craftsmanship. Later his father encouraged Holger in his mechanical skills allowing him to disassemble (and reassemble) his 1st car. Holger spent most of his high school years in the boarding school of Michelbach where he built many lasting friendships. It was in the surrounding countryside and forests where he met the people that encouraged his interest in the outdoors and gave him inspiration for his future career in forestry. Climbing, hiking and skiing were his passions when he wasn’t in school or working. He was only 15 when he and his good friend Martin climbed the Eiger. When Holger was 16, he became an exchange student to Porterville, California, where he lived with a family on their orange ranch near the Sierra Mt’s. Holger was an exceptional student, he excelled in every subject, and this is evident in his command of the English language. When the high school was over he extended his stay, bought a car and drove up to Canada for the 1st time to get a glimpse of the country he always dreamed about. Back in Germany he finished high school with honors, did his stint in the civil service, and then following his inner drive took his degree in Forestry. His need for open spaces, wilderness, opportunities to explore never diminished and his desire to move to Canada only grew, so he persevered through all the difficult and complicated processes to at tain the legal papers to allow for his immigration to Canada. 1997, saw the realization of Holger’s dream. In Canada and traveling north a chance encounter with Rob Borsato and a group of horse loggers had him spending more time in the Cariboo. Holger continued to travel, and explore the remote places of B.C. and the Yukon. No problem...hasn’t been done before...even better. In the spring of 1998, Holger and Martin made the 1st traverse across the Cariboo Mountains. That was the warm up for their 2nd attempt to summit Denali, which they did May 1998. Holger continued to look for more mountains to climb, places to go, job’s that needed to be done. Holger was up for any challenge that came his way...and there in lies the reason he was so successful in his logging business. Holger really enjoyed logging, working in the forest, and the camaraderie he found in his employees, fellow loggers and forestry workers. We called him our environmental logger, because he was very concerned about the health of the forest and its sustainability.

A big part of Holger’s life were his sled-dogs. He participated in the annual Gold Rush Mail Run for many years. He also enjoyed the solitude his dogs allowed him to experience on the winter trails in our local area, and in the remote places of the North. Holger’s contribution to Troll Resort injected a fresh vitality, so appreciated by so many. Holger’s smile, positive..can do attitude and friendly demeanor touched so many of us. Holger is so deeply missed by Hildur and her children Helene, Steven and Emily, and family, and his mom Inge and family in Germany and the United States. A service was held in Holgers, memory at his home at Troll Resort July 26th 2007. Holger’s legacy will live on through a trust fund set up, the “Holger Bauer First Aid Trust Fund”, this is to help improve 1st responce 1st aid in the local area. People wishing to donate can send cheques to Box 4013, Quesnel B.C. V2J 3J1, or Drop off at Helen Dixion School in Quesnel.

Thank you to so many of you helping us out and thinking of us in these difficult times.