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May 21, 1956 - September 5, 2022
In loving memory ~
Louisa Gradnitzer was born May 21st 1956 to Roman and Margaret Gradnitzer in Quesnel, B.C. She grew up alongside her three sisters - Doris, Kate and Rita and her brother Walter, in a busy household that was always filled with the delicious smells of traditional German cooking.
The family moved to Kelowna when Louisa was 19. By this time, she was already living in Vancouver pursuing studies in Urban Planning at UBC.
After several years as an urban planner, she switched things up and began working as a production assistant in the Vancouver film industry. Her career reached a zenith when she was hired as the Location Manager for The X Files, a very successful sci-fi television show that ran from 1993 until 2002. After the series ended, she co-wrote a book about her time working on The X Files entitled "X Marks The Spot". Louisa owned several homes in Vancouver throughout the years, all of which she decorated beautifully with interesting art, furniture, and her own unique sense of style. It was in these homes that she hosted countless dinner parties. Guests would include family, friends, distant relatives, work colleagues and often someone she'd only just met who Louisa thought could use a good home cooked meal.
In 2000, she met someone who would be become her partner in crime for the next 20 years, her beloved dog Ziggy. Louisa and Ziggy were inseparable, both enjoying walks along the many creeks and lakes of B.C. and indulging in gourmet cooking. Ziggy was one of the best fed dogs in the city. When he passed in 2020, Louisa was understandably heartbroken. If you knew Louisa, you knew Ziggy.
In 2014, she moved to the Champlain Heights neighborhood of Vancouver. She made many friends in the complex where she lived and spent springs and summers helping keep up the pretty communal gardens. Louisa was a fantastic chef, a wonderful artist, and a brilliant writer. She was never without a project, whether it be drawing, gardening, or trying new recipes. She was a kind, generous, supportive and loving aunt, sister, daughter and friend.
She passed on September 5th, 2022. We will miss her beautifully unique outlook on life. Rest in peace, lovely Louisa.