CCS busy this fall

New members always welcome at Quesnel branch of Canadian Cancer Society

Congratulations to Anne Burgess, our acting president this month.  As we failed to elect or acclaim a new president at our October meeting, at each monthly meeting an acting president will be appointed for the next month.  Alternatively, we will try to arrange a ‘schedule of presidents’ for December through May.  Meanwhile, President Anne challenges each of us to bring one new volunteer to our November meeting.

Volunteer Orientation Training will be offered at both in-person sessions in Prince George (a schedule is available) and via video-conferencing in the Quesnel Office.  The second option will be discussed further at our November meeting.  As well, in-person training sessions can be arranged in our office, if members would like that opportunity.  We will be discussing this at our November meeting as well.

At our October meeting, we voted to change our office hours to 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. from October 31st until the end of January, 2012.

Two guests at our October meeting introduced themselves and spoke about their work with the Canadian Cancer Society.  Kendra Mattila, a fourth year nursing student, has been involved with workplace wellness resources for the month of October.  Tara Fookes is involved with Wellness Works, a preventative healthcare online program that will begin in January.

Christmas cakes and truffles have been ordered and we will again be selling spiced German ginger cookies for a slightly increased cost.  This year, we will sell only out of our office, at the Christmas Farmers Markets and at Integris Credit Union.

Members are reminded that dues for 2011-12 are now due.  Dues remain at $5 annually.

Our next Quesnel Unit meeting is Wednesday, November 9th at Noon at our office on Front Street.

Olive Walsh is a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer with the Quesnel office.