Quesnel Volunteer Citizen of the Year alumni honoured at the 2017 Citizen of the Year gala event.                                KEN ALEXANDER PHOTO

Quesnel Volunteer Citizen of the Year alumni honoured at the 2017 Citizen of the Year gala event. KEN ALEXANDER PHOTO

Editorial: nominate top citizen

Help celebrate the immense amount of volunteerism in Quesnel

As of this writing, there have been few, if any, nominations for the 2017 Volunteer Citizen of the Year.

Folks, that’s a travesty.

The City of Quesnel is brimming with hundreds of volunteers worthy of nomination for this prestigious award. The deadline for nominations is March 9, 2018, so it is coming up fast.

So after you’re finished reading your Quesnel Cariboo Observer, take a few minutes to think about the people you know who have made a difference in our community.

Discuss possible candidates with your spouse, partner and your children. There has to be someone you know who is making an invaluable contribution to the community.

If you’re unsure, talk to your friends, neighbours and co-workers; talk to the members in the clubs you belong to for suggestions.

Quesnel is blessed with volunteers who do important work every day – volunteer firefighters, first responders, RCMP members, teachers, business owners, youth and parents who are volunteer coaches, managers, board members – you name it, they have volunteered time to keep our children active and our elderly mobile and cared for.

There are those volunteers who work tirelessly to help the down-trodden, homeless and those who have physical and mental challenges.

They are the last strand in the social safety net trying catch and save the people who need a hand.

Volunteerism isn’t sexy, but it is joyous.

It’s part of being thankful for what you have – being willing to volunteer so other folks can feel that joy.

The City of Quesnel and the Observer co-sponsor the annual Quesnel Volunteer Citizen of the Year program and they recognize and appreciate the efforts of so many people who so willingly give of their time and talent to contribute to Quesnel’s enviable level of community spirit and pride.

Almost all of us volunteer in our lifetimes – some more than others – but now is the time to select some people around us and nominate them for Volunteer Citizen of the Year.

The nominations forms are short, simple and a short letter to describe the nature of the volunteerism is helpful. The nominee must also sign the form.

The forms are are available at www.quesnel.ca, City Hall, the Quesnel Observer, by contacting one of the past Citizens of the Year, or by calling Quesnel Volunteer Citizen of the Year Committee chair Ron Paull at 250-992-8994.

Nominations must be received no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, March 9.

Drop off a signed form at City Hall, 410 Kinchant St.; Quesnel Cariboo Observer, 188 Carson Ave.; mail R. Hartley, City Hall, 410 Kinchant St., Quesnel, V2J 7J5; or fax 250-991-7496; or email rhartley@quesnel.ca.

Ken Alexander

Quesnel Cariboo Observer