Editorial: trading places

Editorial: trading places

A new editor is temporarily taking over at the Observer

As soon as you get used to something, it’ll change.

That seems to be the way with the Observer at the moment, and change has yet again come for the staff at your long-established community newspaper.

Well – the paper has been around for 111 years. You’ve got to expect a certain number of changes in that time, right?

With our reporters Heather Norman and Ronan O’Doherty now firmly established in their roles and the community (having moved to our fair city from far-away Halifax and Toronto), editor Melanie Law is temporarily taking leave in order to grow her family.

Melanie will be on maternity leave from the paper as of Jan. 14, 2019. But thankfully, the Observer didn’t have to go too far afield in seeking a replacement. A highly qualified editor happened to live right here in town! Lindsay Chung, who has been freelancing with the Observer since late 2017, will be stepping in to lead the team in providing all the news and community stories you’ve come to expect.

Many of you may know Lindsay from her work with Paul and Terry Nichols at The Forge, an equine therapy program at Pen-Y-Bryn Farm in Kersley, or from the many varied stories she’s contributed to the Observer in the past year and a half.

We are excited to have her on the team, and we hope you will join us in welcoming Lindsay into the Observer fold.

Things may be changing around here, with a new face in the editor’s office for the time being, but some things will remain the same, and that includes our commitment to the community and our dedication to our readers. We love to hear feedback on our stories, whether on our Facebook page, our website, by email, or via good old-fashioned snail mail.

As always, please get in touch with any of us at the Observer with your news tips and story ideas – we’re happy to hear them! You can contact the team during office hours at 250-992-2121 or by email at newsroom@quesnelobserver.com.

Of course, our excellent team of sales, marketing, circulation and production staff are still here to help our subscription and business clients with whatever needs they have.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

-Quesnel Cariboo Observer