Cassidy Dankochik joined the Observer's staff in Aug. of 2020 by way of Gimli, Altona, and Flin Flon, Manitoba. (Photo by Tracey Roberts)

EDITOR’S COLUMN: Optimism in Quesnel for 2021

Cassidy Dankochik’s weekly column as seen in the March 10 edition of the Observer

It’s a huge week for community donations.

Quesnel has stepped up in a multitude of ways, bringing that kind of small-town spirit that makes working at a community newspaper as a journalist so rewarding.

Being a journalist can often lead to cynicism and a negative view on how the world works. But in Quesnel, I have been impressed by the soul of the community.

There seems to always be something going on. Calls from organizations or people in need are quickly responded to.

The community has also stepped up when it comes to COVID-19, either by luck, or by strong adherence to the spirit of public health rules.

The community spirit of Quesnel is why I am optimistic about our community’s future, especially in the near-term.

While some summer events have been cancelled, others are cautiously planning for outdoor events this summer.

It warms my heart to be able to fill my calender with those events. While I long for the return of local hockey — rodeo and music events through the summer should be able to give me those great experiences I love as a journalist.

What events are on the docket for you this summer?

Feel free to email me with any events you’re planning for this summer, so I can keep filling out that calender.

-Cassidy Dankochik is the editor of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer

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