Good riddence to gun registry

Good News regarding the demise of the hated long gun registry


At last we have “good news” regarding the demise of the hated long gun registry. The Conservatives are going to do away with what is undoubtedly Canada’s most costly venture into “feel good laws” that fail miserably.

I would like to offer my thanks to Conservatives for fulfilling the last campaign promise.

The first step to keeping your “entire” promise to repeal C-68 is very welcomed.

I would like to suggest that you change from “keeping the licensing” to issuing a diploma upon completion of the course.

This diploma would be just like the one I got for graduating high school, issued for life. No renewals and no invasive “tracking” the majority of Canadian citizens would save a lot of money.

Rebuild my faith in the system and return to us our Charter Rights. Believe me – I am not the problem nor will I be!

You are almost there Prime Minister Harper, show me you have the “backbone” to do what is right and finish the job!

Chris Gilmore

Logan Lake, B.C.