HST referendum


I’m voting no. I sincerely hope the homework has been done and understanding of the HST is better now than a year ago.

At the end of the day no matter how you vote, do it for reasons other than anger at how it was brought in. That was then, believe me this is now.

Why do so many of the opponents have such anger against corporations, business and industry?

Yes, we are paying on things that we weren’t before – but remember on July 1, 2010 the GST was on basically everything that was service driven. Eighty per cent of most things had PST and GST in July  2010. In essence seven per cent has been added to some things not 12 per cent.

The 12 per cent HST is still the lowest in the country. I read Anna Eastman’s comments about paying on food considered as processed food – which thoroughly confuses me as most food we buy is processed one way or the other, we don’t pay tax on basic groceries.

More than 275,000 people from across B.C. took part in telephone town halls and it became very evident there has been much false and misleading information, it is ridiculous to say the least. Most of what I read from opponents is clearly intended to be political, we are not in an election, and we have a decision to make – leave the politics for the next election. Think about it we actually get to be finance minister for a day. Paying tax is a guarantee in life.

The B.C. legislature passed a motion on May 25 to reduce B.C.’s portion of the HST to five per cent by 2014, subject to a no vote in the upcoming referendum, which confirms the B.C. Government is committed to its promise to British Columbians. When the first one per cent reduction comes into effect in 2012 everyone will benefit. I understand the NDP voted against this reduction, interesting.

To assist during this transition until the rate drops, families will receive $175 per child under 18, each senior with low or modest income will also receive a one time transition cheque for $175.

Eleven per cent HST by 2012, then 10 per cent

HST by 2014 is definitely less than 12 per cent HST today.

I am voting no to higher taxes and the economic future of B.C.

Mary Glassford is a long-term Quesnel resident, former Cariboo Regional District director and city councilor and president of the Post Secondary Education Council.