Re: Pro-HST Campaign signs.

I’ve stated publicly I will not signal how I will personally vote on the HST referendum because I believe it is my job to make sure we have an informed vote and that I listen to and abide by the outcome, not influence it according to my own beliefs.

As part of ensuring you can make an informed decision I feel obligated to speak out against the signs being used by the pro-HST group to persuade you to vote “No” to extinguishing the HST. These signs are, quite simply, propaganda. They are not helping people make an informed choice. You are not, as the signs suggest, saying “No” to higher taxes by voting to keep the HST. The referendum question presumes that the total tax burden of the GST/PST or the HST is 12 per cent, not 12 per cent for GST/PST and 10 per cent for HST as the “No” signs suggest.

While a motion was passed in the legislature to reduce the HST to 10 per cent should British Columbians elect to keep this tax, that motion is simply a promissory note, it is not binding on the government and won’t be fully implemented until 2014 if it is fully implemented as promised. I don’t believe the pro-HST signs are accurate and have contacted Elections BC to see if they contravene the laws governing this referendum.

Regardless of the outcome of my inquiries, please make your decision on the HST is based on the facts, not propaganda.

Please visit my web page to gain quick access to the appropriate web resources to help you make an informed decision.


Bob Simpson