Kersley 4-H kids love the program


The Kersley 4-H club is made up of 18 eager kids who range in age from a clover bud member to a junior and senior member and are very dedicated to agriculture. Each 4-H member must raise an animal, plant a garden, or create a leather craft or small engines project. From August fourth to August sixth the Kersley 4-H club, along with other Quesnel and area 4-H clubs will show their beef, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbit, goat, leather craft, small engines, or garden projects. The animals are halter and show trained, bathed, clipped, sheered, and groomed in preparation for the shows.

There’s an auction Aug. 6 where the kids will sell their livestock projects.

The 4-H show and sale is not the only thing that the kids look forward to every year.

At the beginning of each 4-H year, the members buy and start to train their animals.

Shortly after they receive their projects, the kids from the Kersley 4-H club have a speech competition. Some members of each age category are chosen to present their speech at districts. Those kids have a chance to move on to a regional level and senior members can even go to a provincial speech event. Demonstrations are based on the same system as speeches except the kids demonstrate how to do something to the judges and the audience.

Some other events that occur in a 4-H year include judging rallies, hamburger and hotdog sales, bake sales and a few senior members are chosen to go on  educational trips.

The members are expected to keep records of their projects weight gain, growth, feed costs and consumption and equipment used for livestock projects.

The Kersley 4-H club is very organized and includes a number of very good kids, leaders, and parents.

4-H is a good way for kids to learn responsibility, dedication, skills for the future and how to work together as a team.

Kirsten Nichols is a member of the Kersley 4-H Club.