Legion looking for curling members


September is proving to be quite the success for your Legion.

This week we had another wonderful event with Bijoux and Beautiful Things.  Imagine, if you will, the complete lounge filled with laughing, smiling. chatting ladies.

Before the doors were even scheduled to open, we had women asking to come into the event, so they could get a sneak preview. There were women of all ages and I am sure they were not disappointed.

For only a $5 admission fee they were treated to any array of snacks including cheese and crackers, punch, fruit and of course munchies on each table. Add a bit of wine into the mix and those wonderful women had a hard time containing their excitement.

This proved a bit hilarious when Christi, the owner and maker of the fine jewelry of Bijoux, was trying to describe in detail the jewelry that each of her models was wearing.

The ladies in the audience could not quite contain themselves and their enthusiasm bubbled over into quite a lively noise level. It was great to watch all the excitement but I must admit it was a challenge to be heard above it.

Thanks to Christi, Heather Hartridge of Health & Fitness and Tracy Stroud of Alternative Solutions Skin Design for rounding out the evening. They were a very welcome addition to the evening.

Thank you also to our great models, Marcia, Kay, Mickey, Sonee, Shaylee, and Daveen. The beautiful raffle basket which was quite the hit and eagerly sought after, was won by none other than Neil, our illustrious president.

I bet his was the only ‘male’ name in the entry box – sour grapes – you bet.  I really wanted to win that basket and I certainly was not alone.  But fear not, Christy has already confirmed herself for this years Lifestyles show in the spring and she has promised to bring another raffle prize with her.

Got a phone call from Wes the other day (he is the fellow in charge of the Legion Curling League.)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not too familiar with this club and I literally grilled him with questions about it. Apparently, the Legion curling league starts, Oct. 16. They play Sundays, 10 a.m. – noon. This is a very social club and after play on the ice they follow up with playing upstairs with various tickets that can be bought for all kinds of weekly prizes. After this they can wander over to the Legion to continue their social time as the Legion stays open especially for them. This league consists of 12 teams with a total of 48 members, but they are short eight members at this very moment. Everyone is welcome to play and you do not need to be a Legion member – but why would you not want to be a member – right?

There are sign up sheets for this league at the entrance to the Legion and the cost is only $168 for the entire season. They also have a huge auction during the year, a wind up dinner, with prizes for all 48 members – rumour has it that the value of those prizes are at least $40.

How it works: October until January is regular playing season and then in January the teams are divided into Side ‘A’ and Side ‘B’ depending on their ability (I definitely know which side I would be put in.)

Then these sides have a play off at a wind up bonspiel with dinner at the Legion.  All these costs are included in your initial $168 sign up fee. Sounds like a lot of fun and great exercise, as well as a chance to meet and socialize with some great people.  So, remember to check out those sign up sheets at the entrance to the Legion.

Just a reminder this week is the executive meeting and Oct. 4, 7 p.m. is the general meeting. Now, we did not have a quorum last month and could not go forward with some plans, so please, please come out to this next meeting. We need you there in order to pass some motions that are pending. Hope to see you there.

Sharon MacDonald is a Legion member.