Letter: American neighbour so mad she wanted to punch driver

Letter: American neighbour so mad she wanted to punch driver

Then on way back to U.S., she encountered another area ‘hillbilly’ motorist


On Dec. 3, I was driving from Seattle to Prince George to be with my mother, who is commencing treatment for Stage 3 cancer.

Around 5:30 p.m. between Williams Lake and Quesnel, there was a dark-coloured SUV driving in the passing lane.

I proceeded to pass and was sprayed with rocks. I tried to pass to avoid damage to my car. After blowing my horn to get the drivers attention, I passed.

The SUV driver put his/her high beams on, following me very closely.

I put my signals on, signalling the SUV to pull over – be a man. That vehicle passed me after much harassment.

I was so mad.

I worked the night before, so was tired. I’m an acute care RN, and I was travelling alone with my poodle. I don’t have violent tendencies, but I was so mad I wanted to punch that driver.

In Quesnel, a kind-hearted Indo-Canadian cashier offered to call the police. All I had was a screenshot, not a licence plate number.

I travelled across the I 90 then up north. I have never run into such an ignorant, small-minded driver with a hillbilly attitude like that.

What was the rush? It didn’t seem there is much to rush for?

I was driving to be with my 78-year-old mother.

This left a bad taste in my mouth about your area. Really it did.

I will dissuade anyone from taking that route to get to northern B.C. – take the Kamloops-Clearwater route.

When I came back on Saturday morning, before Quesnel, another vehicle was on my tail (I was going the speed limit). I pulled over to let that greenish truck pass.

What is it with you? Really? Do you hate Americans? The world can do with less hatred, and your blatant stupidity will cost you tourism, this I guarantee.

Cynthia Taha