Alberta Premier Rachel Notley (Black Press files)

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley (Black Press files)

Letter: British Columbia government must not bow to Alberta

NDP government is correct to ensure safety of our coastline and rivers


I am appalled at the undemocratic actions by the Alberta government when the British Columbia government refused to roll over and allow a project we fear will do serious damage to our province to be pushed on us.

Even former Premier Christy Clark was only willing to OK the project after conditions were met, and all we are asking for is science on cleaning up the possible environmental disaster if it was to happen.

Kinder Morgans spill history is a concern and our economy regarding fishery and tourism, etc. are at stake if a spill cannot be cleaned up.

How ridiculous is it to expect our province to risk our economy to save the economy of a different province?

Why is Alberta more important than B.C.?

(Alberta Premier) Rachel Notley is showing desperation as she tries to continue a dying industry, which has polluted and ruined a huge area of her province.

Obviously, environmental ruin is not a problem for her, but we must have the power to determine what risks we will take for our economy.

Do our wishes to protect ourselves – not trump her wish to transport her toxic product. To turn this into a trade war instead of supporting our wish to study the problem is short sighted and churlish.

As we find out how a spill would affect our coast and the many rivers and streams across our province, we must all buy B.C. wine and don’t dismay, our government is doing due diligence for the future of our beautiful B.C.

Linda Kemp