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LETTER: Cariboo Regional District director asks for provincial action on roads

Area B Director Barb Bachmeier’s letter to the editor as published in the May 5 Observer
Cariboo Regional District director Barb Bachmeier wrote a letter to the editor asking for more action to fix area roads. (submitted photo)

Dear Editor,

I am very concerned about all of these slide zones in my Area. The first alternate route to Prince George, the Quesnel - Hixon Road has now failed.

The second alternate route to Prince George, the Blackwater Road is in dire need of serious repairs at Knickerbocker Hill just west of Quesnel and if that fails, what then?

To get around this section of road it is possible to use the very narrow and winding Pinnacles Road but it also has some major slide issues and may fail.

All of these slide zones have been known about for years with nothing being done by the provincial or federal governments to be more proactive in fixing these problems.

Now we are looking at losing all of our road infrastructure headed north. This will disrupt many supply lines into our communities that are south of Prince George.

We need action now from both the federal and provincial governments to directly find the resources to build and maintain our road infrastructure in and around Quesnel so our communities in the interior can have viable and functioning economies.

Barb Bachmeier

Area B Director

Cariboo Regional District

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