Letter: editor thanked for publishing letter

Letter: editor thanked for publishing letter

Canadian woman jailed in Germany for five-minute video apology to parents


It has been brought to my attention that you courageously published a letter today written by Arthur Topham to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould, directing her attention to, and requesting action on behalf of, Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer, who was unjustly arrested in Germany on Jan. 3, 2018.

The “crime” of this kind and gentle woman was to produce a five-minute Youtube video called, Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.

I urge all your readers to Google and listen for themselves to her brave apology.

Regardless of anyone’s “belief” or “opinion” on this most controversial topic, countless fathers, grandfathers and innocent human beings died in the defense of democracy and the human right for all to express freely our thoughts on any topic important to us.

Were all those deaths in vain?

This is a question every Canadian needs to ask themselves at this critical time when freedom of speech is increasingly targeted as a “hate” crime.

This is truly a terrifying development in the Canadian social landscape.

Four centuries of witch burning is a testimony to how wrong humans can be when one individual belief denies another.

Thank you for having the personal fortitude to publish a letter you may be criticized for.

Maureen Curle