Letter: make sure you’re driving safely in winter

Drivers need to make sure they limit the risk of winter driving

Letter: make sure you’re driving safely in winter


With winter upon us, I feel drivers need to be reminded of what they can do to reduce the risk of an accident.

While driving my wife to work on the first snow fall of the year, I could not believe how many vehicles did not have lights on, did not signal, changed lanes abruptly and list could go on and on.

People don’t seem to know their newer vehicle either. Just because you have daytime running lights does not mean your taillights our on.

This was all happening in the middle of heavy rain and snow at 7:45 a.m. I followed a new SUV with no lights on the back, so when l pulled up beside the vehicle, I informed them about the issue, only to be told, “I have them on automatic.”

With this nice safety option, you still need, before you go on the road, to check and make sure they are functioning properly.

We are all trying to get to a destination on time, however, let’s do it in the safest matter with just a little common sense.

Terry Davies