Letter: resident says she should have been notified

Letter: resident says she should have been notified

Hopes Ministry of Transportation and City of Quesnel will not follow through


I am a longtime resident of the residential area of North Quesnel.

I live on Murphy Street just steps from where the bridge and the interchange are proposed to be.

I will be directly impacted by the alternate route as many others will be.

Some householders were informed that all or part of their properties will be expropriated.

Citizens on Murphy, McNaughton and Bowron are seriously affected.

This suggests the plan is a ‘fait accompli’ and the City of Quesnel and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure have been just going through the motions of “informing” the citizens.

I did not even hear of this plan until Feb. 12 when I was phoned by my neighbour who had also just heard about it.

There has been zero communication from the City even though, if this plan were executed, it would turn many people’s lives upside down.

During the whole campaign, the affect on the residents has not been mentioned.

It was a rude awakening to me that we, the citizens, are dispensable and matter not a whit to the people who want to go ahead with this plan.

I thought that we citizens (who, after all, elected the City council) would have been given some consideration.

I hope the City and the Transportation Ministry will not follow through with this ill-conceived plan.

If they do, then the precedent has been set and every residential area will be at risk in the future.

Pat Foulkes