Letter to the editor: Fossil fuel burning will lead to human extinction

A letter from Ron Thompson discussing the effects of fossil fuels.



We are clearly not the country that we were in 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland.


We did not wait for the United States or China or India, but declared war along with our allies, the British.

Now the carbon loading of our atmospheres threatens all of humanity and our response is not only to accelerate the extraction of our fossil fuels, but to feel partial control of that resource to foreign countries.

Industry and the Federal Government focus on immediate economic benefits and the mitigation of local environmental side effects, but the science tells us that wherever these fossil fuels are burned, the eventual consequence will be the human death and species extinction that comes with predicted climate change.

If we had the moral courage we had then, we would make the sacrifices needed to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels.


We would not have wasted previous decades denying

|the likelihood of climate change. We would not wait for other larger industrial powers to take a stand.


We would not hypocritically set carbon targets in the distant future with no intention of acting today. And we would not condemn the lives of manhood’s children to the horrors an overheated planet will present.

Ron Thompson