Letter to the editor: Lack of safe water devastating

Christine Kinnie discusses the lack of safe water at the Lhtako Dene nation.


An open letter to mayor and council.

I am writing because I was absolutely devastated to discover the conditions that my neighbours in Red Bluff have been living in.

I thought lack of access to potable water was a third world problem. Apparently not.

The Lhtako Dene Nation has been requesting that they be able to pay for access to city water for seven years now.

I have heard the argument that Lha tako Dene should not be given access to City water while there are still residents within City limits without it. (Racing Road, Dragon Lake etc.) However, these residents all have access to safe water.

If the Lhatako Dene Nation is willing to contribute all costs, I do not see how anyone with drop of humanity in them could say no.

This is injustice. We have an opportunity here to build some bridges.

Everyone can safely shake their heads at historical wrongs, but let’s do something now before we go down in history as the next generation who didn’t give a damn.

Thanking you in advance,

Christine Kinnie