Letter to the Editor: QToday begins new season

Sharon MacDonald will be starting a column to introduce a fascinating and fairly new local media project.

Well hello again, Quesnel Observer readers.

I am happy to report that I will be starting a column to introduce a fascinating and fairly new local media project.

How many of you are acquainted with QMAC  – this is Quesnel Media Access Group? Well if you are not familiar with it, you are not alone.  But let me enlighten you.

QMAC is involved with local programming on Shaw 10, with a program called QToday.  This is the location where one can go to find out what is happening in and around our community. We are also at qcatv.ca and facebook.com/QToday.

Last year was QToday’s first season and with the help of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer, it covered a variety of local news, sports and special events in our community.  There is a news broadcast which airs three times a day three times a week. The weekday show starts Tuesday at 5 p.m. and run until the weekend show which begins on Friday at 5 p.m.  Host anchors for this programming are Alison, Mitch and Ron.

There is also programming like “Ron’s Rumblings”, “Nate in Conversation” and “People helping People” with more story line ideas to be explored. If you have any suggestions, those are also welcome.

You may begin to notice camera people in and around the community filming local events.  If you have an event you want covered, feel free to contact anyone of QMAG’s people and we will be happy to do our best to accommodate your needs.

And if you are interested in filming, editing, or being an interviewer, there is opportunity for you to also be a part of this exciting project.  Contact Nate Bello, our executive producer and coordinator for QMAG and see where you may just fit in.

So the plan for this column is to give you a heads up each week on what the coming stories for the following week on QToday will be. The first show will be Tuesday, Sept. 18 to start the new season.

We hope you will all get a chance to tune into Channel 10 each week (or on social media) and enjoy this exciting and fun programming that features all your local favourites.  Until next week, keep your eyes peeled.  Who knows, you may be the next star on QToday!

Sharon MacDonald is a volunteer with QToday.