Letter to the editor: Thank you

Good Cheer thanks everyone for another successful year.


The Christmas hamper campaign for 2012 came and went so fast it’s almost like we’re still waiting for it to happen.

Due to the tremendous support we receive from citizens of Quesnel as a whole, our hamper campaign was an absolute success.

Our numbers were down to around 780 for the first time in the past nineteen years.

One has to be at the depot to realize the full extent of the support we receive, it is so overwhelming.

With around 75 volunteers coming and going through the month, as soon as something comes in the front door and goes to the table, it is sorted in minutes and put on the appropriate shelf just as fast.

Don’t set anything down that is yours because it will end up as a donation on a shelf somewhere then you have to go searching for it.

The workers keep everything ticking like a well-oiled machine and it’s so neat to watch.

Thank you to everyone who participated in and also at the Jimmy Dunlop Toy run which seems to be our kick start for the year.

We open our doors, then there’s the Downtown Santa Parade and then the door-to-door food drive and we’re off and running.

Thank you everyone who helped and gave to our food drive.

Thank you to each and every employee and the companies who held live auctions and silent auctions in the workplace to raise funds for us, those who gave from their pay cheques to make sure we had turkeys to give, those who held food and toy drives at work and at schools.

Thank you to the parents who supplied the students with the food to take to school.

Thank you to all the corporations who support us every year.

Because the Salvation Army gave us toys, we had enough to give to the children in our families.

We also had a group of retired coffee drinkers come down from Prince George and donate a bunch of wooden toys they make in their spare time.

Thank you to the Dollarama for holding a food drive for us in the store.

It was neat to go turn on our lights in the morning and there’s a bunch of boxes at our door.

Thank you to everyone who supported this food drive, it brought in a lot of food, mitts, socks, etc.

Thank you to the service groups who support us faithfully every year.

Some give money, some work on gift bags for our teens, some make sure we get mitts and toques, it all covers something.

Thank you to the M&M’s and Mr. Henderson and Troll Ski Resort for the heaping loads of food.

We have many who give financially and have been doing so for the past 15 – 20 years, maybe longer.

It has been neat to see your donations come in faithfully every year.

It blesses our hearts.

Thank you.

So many people come up

with so many different ways to raise money, collect toys,

whatever is necessary to

support us and without the support of all of Quesnel and areas people, we would not be able to give out these much-needed hampers.

We never know from one year to the next how much demand we will have so it is great to end the year with excess.

Thank you to Max and The Wolf, Shaw Cable, the Cariboo Observer and the Bargain Hunter for getting our information out to the public which helps so much in our fundraising efforts.

Thank you to Save-On-Foods, Neil, Steve and staff for all your help and the wonderful food trays you give to our volunteer meals on our four super busy days.

A huge thank you to Maple Park Mall for giving us a place to work out of and allowing us to leave our shelving there when we’re finished.

That is a tremendous blessing for us.

Thank you to the staff who are always right there if we need any help.

Huge thank you to all of our volunteers who did a wonderful job.

Thank you Quesnel! Thank you! Thank you! May God bless you one and all.

All of us at Good Cheer,