Todd Doherty MP for Cariboo-Prince George.

Todd Doherty MP for Cariboo-Prince George.

Letter: Trudeau not getting the job done

MP for Cariboo-Prince George critical of prime minister’s stance on energy sector


Kinder Morgan has suspended work on the Trans Mountain Expansion project.

This is devastating news for Canada’s energy sector and Canadian workers.

The blame for this development rests squarely on the shoulders of Justin Trudeau. He has failed to take a single concrete step to ensure this project is completed. All he has done is give us empty words with no action.

Not only has the Prime Minister failed to champion important projects like Trans Mountain, but he is actually making matters worse by imposing policies that harm the Canadian energy sector, like the carbon tax and new regulations that penalize Canadian oil exports.

This week’s announcement is yet another example of his inability to get the job done when it matters the most.

The Canadian energy sector produces the most environmentally and socially responsible oil and gas in the world, and Canada’s Conservatives recognize that the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Canadians depend on projects like the Trans Mountain Expansion.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s failed policies have contributed to the greatest decline in Canadian energy investment in 70 years – a loss of $80 billion – and resulted in more than 110,000 energy workers losing their jobs. The Prime Minister also vetoed the approved Northern Gateway pipeline, and killed the Energy East pipeline with last-minute rule changes and a regulatory standard that doesn’t apply to any other sector of the Canadian economy.

Considering the Prime Minister’s track record of failure, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kinder Morgan is now suspending work on the Trans Mountain Expansion project.

Canadians deserve a government that will actually get the job done. We will continue to fight for hardworking families and the communities that will be severely impacted by these crippling decisions.

Todd Doherty,

MP for Cariboo- Prince George