Letter: what learning looks like

Letter: what learning looks like

Local early childhood educator shares what goes on at StrongStart


I am an early childhood educator in Quesnel and facilitate a StrongStart program. I wanted to share what learning looks like in StrongStart programs in our community.

StrongStart is a free early learning program funded by the Ministry of Education. Children and their parents or care provider participate in art, science exploration, sand and water play, stories, songs and more. The pictures show one of my small StrongStart participants painting at the easel.

There are no rules when it comes to painting. There is no determined product. It’s just a process. The child can plan her own painting, from start to finish, without any interference from adult rules or directions. The only thing she must remember is to paint only on her paper. In my opinion, this is the best kind of art. The kind of art with no rules, the kind where children can create as they please.

But some might ask what are the children learning? When children paint at the easel they are learning eye and hand co-ordination and developing their fine motor skills. Easel painting involves colour mixing and builds creative independence. Painting with another child will also promote sharing and co-operation. All that from just painting at the easel!

To find out more about Quesnel’s local StrongStart programs, check out the website www.sd28.bc.ca/content/strongstart or call School District28 at 250-992-8802.

Cari Rawling, ECE

Quesnel, B.C.


Letter: what learning looks like