Local resident finds council decision offensive

Local resident finds Quesnel City Council decision offensive


Quesnel City Council proves ‘honesty is not the best policy’. The mayor and council’s ruling on the following issue is offensive, to say the least.

Residents of Leonard Street petitioned with an astounding 90 per cent opposition to the rezoning of their street but it was passed anyway. A non-resident of the subdivision purchased a house on the single-family dwelling zoned street.

He made major renovations; dividing the house into two units for rental, without permits or inspections.

The residents’ concerns about safety, parking, traffic and single family dwelling zoning were of no concern to council.

The message is clear. Honesty is not the best policy.

I feel as if we are living in the Wild West where lawlessness prevailed.

Words cannot describe the disappointment I feel for one man, in particular, on council, as I thought him to be a decent, thoughtful, honest man.

I was wrong about his character and several others, as well.

One council member had the audacity to thank the landlord in question for coming forward and going about the correct process “because we have a lot of illegal suites in Quesnel already.”

He obviously did not hear one word from the many residents who attended that council meeting or perhaps he was unable to comprehend the reason we were there.

This landlord did not abide by the correct process; he was caught after creating an illegal suite (without permits or inspections).

City bylaws are not being honoured by council.

So, my fellow citizens, if you are planning to build, renovate, or create an illegal suite, now is the time, while we have current council, unfortunately, is in power.

The message they have sent to me and to many others is that the city bylaws are worthless.

They have set the precedent.

I would like to give big thank you to Councillor Sushil Thapar for being the only council member with the manners and common decency to explain his decision to the many residents and voters in attendance at the meeting in question.

Valerie King

Quesnel, B.C.