Maintain modern armed force


Yet another letter from Mr. Arthur Topham, this time giving us reasons why not to vote Conservative.

Mr. Topham, you know darn well that it was the Liberals that put our troops into Afghanistan, and not the Conservatives and Mr. Harper, who ended up with our commitment there as Peacekeepers. Yet you imply the opposite, and that the blood of 155 young Canadians is on the hands of Mr. Harper.

You also describe Canada as a sovereign,  peace-loving, neutral nation, yet how do you explain the fact that we not only helped out Britain during the Boer War in the early 1900’s, then again declared war a few days after Britain declared war on Germany in 1914.

During the WWI, 60,000 young Canadians lost their lives, when this country had only 7 million people. In other words, 8.6 per cent of our total population.

These numbers are documented.

A few years later, in 1939, we again joined Britain, who had again declared war on Germany. Again, thousands of young Canadians lost their lives! Then just a few years later, we joined the Korean conflict. My cousin arrived home unscathed, but a school chum came home minus one leg. All of these wars that I have just cited, all came about while the federal Liberals were in power.

We have recently joined forces with other countries in order to oust a long time dictator of 41 years in Libya. Whether we should have stayed out of Libya, is up to individual opinion.

Contrary to Mr. Topham’s opinion, I firmly believe we must maintain a modern armed force, to let the world know we are a country to be reckoned with, and to protect our sovereignty, be it the current threats to our Arctic.

I suppose we could go back to bow and arrows, and save money that way. If we don’t keep an up to date armed service, who will we rely upon for protection Mr. Topham? The Americans?

They too are eyeballing our Arctic!

When you vote May 2, please disregard the inaccurate advice I have just referred to.

Paul Drescher