Mentor recruitment

Help fundraise through local shopping cards

One of the many fun activities through BBBSQ was geo-teching at Pioneer Park.

One of the many fun activities through BBBSQ was geo-teching at Pioneer Park.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Quesnel has launched a mentor recruitment campaign –  Ready, Set Match!

We are already seeing results.  We have had four Big Sisters, one Big Brother, and three Community In-School Mentor inquiries. From Sept. 6 – Dec. 14, (100 days), we are hoping to recruit 10 new community mentors.

Mentor volunteers could consider either becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister or an In-School Mentor.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters are matched with children/youth with compatible interests.  With support from the agency, they are encouraged to spend a few hours each week doing fun activities together.

The In-School Mentor gets matched with a child from the elementary school and spends one hour per week together.  We supply games and other resources for them to play together at the school.  They are also able to play outside on the school grounds.

The agency staff provides monitoring support to the matches. Telus has given us a grant to help kick off the campaign.  If you are interested in learning more, call us at 992-7257 or drop by the Little Big House at 368 Vaughan.

Big Sister Jean shared some thoughts:  “I had worked with children for most of my life and when I retired never thought I would miss it. As time passed though, I needed to do something so considered becoming a Big Sister.

First of all, I was surprised, but impressed, by the degree of screening, interviews and checks that I had to go through. The matching process was carefully thought out: it was not just luck that my Little and I are compatible.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters offers many opportunities for the children. I used to think it was all about bowling since that seems to be one of their major fundraisers. However they sponsor opportunities to go to or participate in so many activities; the pool, hockey games, theatre, community events, soccer, and more.

Group events are held monthly and these are especially valuable because we get to socialize and get to know each other. My Little and I celebrated our first anniversary in April. It was a proud moment.

Shop early for Christmas! Buy shopping cards for many of our local businesses through BBBSQ.

We receive a percentage of the revenue from the purchased cards.  All of the money raised stays in our community. Sears and Subway are the promotional stores this month. Call us or visit our website at  if you want to order them online.

Upcoming events:  Our monthly group outing will be enjoying the Quesnel Corn Maze and lunch on October 15, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  If you would like to sponsor this outing, please contact us.


Maggie Bello is the executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Quesnel and regular Observer columnist.