Our money



The reporting of cheques issued by the city to the mayor: is this not the same person who said the finances for Place St. Laurent, now our city hall were in line with the costs?

This is a building we, as taxpayers, are still in debt for.

I believe what the taxpayer wants to know is what were the expenses for: meals, gifts, personal items?

The question most people have is if a councilor or mayor attends say a CRD function that is paid for by the CRD are they also allowed to charge back expenses to the City of Quesnel for the same function?

It is commendable when people stand for any office and I am sure it’s difficult when one is questioned about financial issues they encounter doing their job.

But they must never lose sight it is our money not theirs and they were voted in not crowned.

This city has had one mayor who thought he did not have to listen to those who he was elected  to work for, let us hope we do not have another.

Ron Campbell