Quesnel Legion is a hive of activities

Zumba classes, new exective, Night to Remember all happening in November

I don’t know about you, but October is shaping up to be my favourite month.  Beautiful Cariboo Blue skies, warm winds, leaves turning colour and cool crisp nights – aaahhh – gotta love it.

Another thing you may just love is Zumba classes at the Legion.  Went to my first class last Wednesday with a couple of friends.  Cheryl from Heather Hartridge’s Health and Fitness was the instructor and she did not disappoint.  She put us all through the paces with a totally cool brand of exercise with dance moves.  It was a lot of fun and a pretty good work out as well.  If you have not tried it, you are in luck.  The next set of classes are scheduled for the second and third Wednesday in both November and December.  Classes start at 9:30 a.m. and are one hour long, although they seem much shorter because you really are enjoying yourself.  And all for the low, low price of $3.  Thank you Cheryl it was a good experience.

Ran into Irene the other day.  She had just completed her nomination sheet.  This means, that she has secured someone to run for each available executive position.  This list will be posted in the front entrance.  If you see someone you like, come on down and cast your vote.  Conversely, if there is someone on the list that you think should be replaced or you have a better person in mind, you can always nominate from the floor on the night of the elections.  Now, elections are held the first Tuesday of December at the general meeting. This is your Legion and here is your chance to be heard.  Cast your vote, it not only is your right, it is your duty.  A strong effective Legion can only be accomplished with strong leadership from your executive.

I will be away through the month of November, but with the help of those who feed me information from this end, I will still be able to continue to submit my Legion Lines column.

You too can also reach me if there is something you think worthy of mentioning in this column, or, heaven forbid, to correct something that I have said in error.

This column is for information purposes only and I am truly only trying to reach all of you with current information, so if I have it wrong, feel free to let me know.

Went to our monthly Veteran’s Luncheon.

If you have never had the good fortune to attend one of these you are missing out on a real treat.

First, when you walk in the door, you are greeted with friendly faces from Irene, Doreen and sometimes Ken.

OK, they may be smiling because they want you to pay your $5 admission fee and also sell you a raffle ticket, but it certainly makes you feel welcomed.

There is a first rate lunch, cooked up in the kitchen by Fran and her crew.

These ladies are also all smiling as they serve you their meal and a glass of wine if you should desire, dessert, tea, coffee.  It is wonderful.  Then we also have door prizes, raffle prizes, presentations of birthdays and anniversaries and the odd joke by Lil.  Our Legion Padre Jim is in attendance, and he is very popular with the LA.


So if, you know of veteran who wishes to attend these monthly outings and/or needs transportation to and from the lunch, give Wanda at the office a call.

The Night to Remember is being presented by Branch #94 and the After Eight singing group.It is an evening when we honour our Second World War vets with an evening of fine food and marvellous music.The evening starts out with a delightful sit down meal where guests are served by cadets in uniform.  After Eight sings songs from that era and this year guests will be able to participate in a sing-a-long to old wartime songs, bringing back many memories.

Would you like to thank a vet?  If so, then maybe consider purchasing a ticket for them to attend this evening. We are asking organizations, churches, federal and provincial offices and businesses to think about purchasing a ticket for a vet. Come in to the Legion and buy the ticket.  Have them write in VET on their ticket. The Legion will then phone the vet to invite him/her to the event.

Whether or not your name is mentioned as a donor is entirely up to you. Even an individual can purchase a ticket for this purpose.  Have a particular veteran or widow in mind?  Have it put in his/her name.

Tickets are $30 a person with only 100 tickets being sold.  Also on sale will be memorabilia calendars featuring your favourite local veteran.  These are now available  – makes a great gift.

60-70 years ago, those servicemen earned in many cases $1 a day to defend our country. The average age of a Second World War veteran today in Canada is 89 years of age.

It may be time we let them know how much we value their contribution. Stop by the Legion and pay for a ticket to show how grateful you are. While you are there, pick up some tickets for you and your friends. You will not be disappointed.

To those people holding tickets 1 – 43, please note that times are incorrect on your ticket.  Should read cocktails 5:30 p.m.; supper 6:30 p.m.; entertainment 8 p.m.

Now, before I run out of space again, let me tell you about an Information Day sponsored by the Seniors Advocacy Service and the Legion.  This is scheduled for Oct. 25. This event will cover wills, power of attorney and representation agreements; medication awareness; Service Canada discussing CPP, OAS, disability options; and a tax presentation by Pat Morton, tax specialist.  Everyone is welcome.  Call to reserve your space, 250-992-1567.

So until next week fellow Legion members, enjoy our lovely Fall weather and be kind to yourself.

Sharon MacDonald is a member of the Quesnel Legion.