Quesnel mayor says comments are inaccurate and unfair



Re: June 21 letter to the editor, Arthur Topham, “Determining if your money is spent wisely, Observer Feedback section.

The letter from Mr. Topham relates largely to the background employment of the city manager, Mr. Stecyk and contains a number of statements that are inaccurate and unfairly defames the city manager and members of council.

Mr. Stecyk openly and freely disclosed all aspects of his employment history to the city’s consultants and council prior to being hired and the city ensured that its consultant fully investigated all of the circumstances and background.

The city was assured that everything disclosed was accurate and accordingly, was satisfied with Mr. Stecyk’s explanation of the background to the matter and was confident that his selection as the new city manager was the right choice for the city.

Council is fully supportive of its city manager and other city staff who work very hard and in the best interests of the city’s residents and tax payers and regrets such personal attacks that include unsubstantiated and false statements that appear intended to negatively impact their ability to continue to perform their work.

Yours truly,

Mary Sjostrom

Quesnel Mayor