Questioning Fletcher’s objectivity about smart meters

Local resident questions columnist Tom Fletcher's objectivity


Re- Tom Fletcher’s column Jan.23, – SMART METER DENIERS’ LAST STAND.

If Tom Fletcher does not agree with what people are protesting, he resorts to ridicule and degradation of their position.

I am one of the naysayers that does not have a Smart (dumb) Meter for a few very simple reasons; the new meters are  surveillance devices that records when and how much hydro power is being used, this would be handy information for

criminals to choose

which houses are not being occupied.  Another and the most insidious plan is that in the future we will be paying for power on a time of use as they do in Ontario – go to Ontario Smart Meters and you will see our future.

BC Hydro says that is not on our radar right now – sounds like 2009 election when the HST was not on our radar at “this time.”

I have received a letter that says the meters have been tested by a federal consumer protection agency, they do not

say what agency ie:

CSA, Canadian Standards Association or ULA Underwriters Labs.

The letter also says that the meters have been certified by professional engineers, maybe the Mickey Mouse club, because they do not identify any agency –

trust us we know what’s best.

If Fletcher wants something to ridicule he should look to the Provincial Liberal Government – the Jumbo municipality near Invermere, no residents live there but there is a Council of three people, non-elected, to oversee this Municipality.

I did not hear Fletcher say anything about the $6 million spent on stickmen ads against the Anti-HST campaign, not one word about the $15 million on partisan ads that we are now watching, not a word about the proposed 10-year agreement for the BCTF, great photo op but no substance and not one word about the $1.5 million for our Christy’s First Family Day (in what BC town?)

Perhaps Fletcher could be more objective or go to work for the Fraser Institute.

Martin Eastman