Rec Centre sauna taking a long time



Open letter to the City of Quesnel and the CRD.

I pay annual membership dues to the Quesnel and District Recreation Center for full use of the

facility, although I do not use the gymnasium, my usage is restricted to the swimming pool, hot tub and the wet and dry saunas.


For the past four and half months I have been watching a construction company working sporadically on the construction of the new saunas in the facility.

I am surprised and disappointed at the length of time construction has taken and am informed that the project may be completed in another month’s time.

I’m not an expert but I have witnessed complete houses being erected from start to finish in three months.

What is taking so long? When the contract was awarded I am curious  to know whether or not there was a clause in the contract for overdue delays and or cost overruns?

After all, my understanding is that this is a contract worth over $200,000.

I think that you can build a pretty nice house for $200,000.

Ron Caskey