Reinstate health committee


Retire in Quesnel sign does not tell the whole story.

Recently a very good friend of mine informed me he will have to sell his home and move to Prince George for health treatments.

He must take hemodialysis there as Quesnel doesn’t have a machine or a trained nurse to operate it.

We know the answer is dollars, but why must someone who has contributed to the Quesnel culture, paid taxes, volunteered for community activities be forced to move because our system will not provide adequate health care facilities where he lives, owns his own home and has his friends and acquaintances.


We cannot help but wonder why dollars mean more to those that control the health system than the patients it

was developed to serve.


If we as supporters of our health care system sit back and do not voice our concerns and demand that our needs be met we will be looking at our hospital as a walk in clinic and we will be referred to larger centers for all need treatments.

Our local politicians are extremely silent on this subject. It is time council reinstated our health committee in order that we have input to what is our right to have local health services.

R. Campbell