Respect and enjoy Kosta’s Cove

Vandals continue to strike at one of Quesnel's Ten Mile Lake's beaches.


Well, it’s that time of the year again. Schools out and the low esteem kids sit around drinking beer and smoking dope thinking up stupid things to do at night. What this is about is the sign that was up at Kosta’s Cove was damaged, so I took it down, fixed it, then shortly after, they tore it down breaking off a 6X6 post, taking the sign with them.

So to parents, if the rope you have been looking for is shorter and your kids know nothing how that happened, it was used at Kosta’s Cove.

There was a young lady who was extremely upset about the sign, who wanted it taken down and spelled right, it could have been her, but have no proof.

The commission wonders why people have to constantly do damage to everything we try to do down there.

Kosta’s Cove is an area for everybody to respect and enjoy.

If your thinking we will give up and let you destroy the area, you are on the wrong track.

We will do whatever we can to catch you.

It’s been done in the past and we will do it again.

We know kids in the area and from other areas that have no respect for anything. Just party and make a mess and are angels at home.

They feel that Kosta’s Cove is a party area and to leave them alone, but that is not going to happen.

So the bottom line is, basically, shape up or face being charged for your actions.

Neil MacDougall

Commission member