Any wise, or educated person, who works in either private or public life, and attends meetings on behalf of their employer (us in this case), knows, or should have learned, that the really important parts of meetings and conventions are the contacts that take place in the meeting venue’s corridors, elevators, restaurants, hospitality rooms, or lounges, after the plenary sessions are over.

They are not made by leaving the site, and holing up, even just “one block” from where the meetings are taking place.

People meet and learn at meetings, not away from them.

 Being out of the loop means one has no influence, learns next to nothing and contributes little to the convention or to the meetings.  

Nobody “makes money” by staying safe, following policy, being an effective representative, or having the city pay for legitimate bills, while volunteering on behalf of the residents of Quesnel (and surrounding area). 

A penny saved is not always a penny earned.

One has to do something to earn money.

 There is a big difference between ignorance and stupidity.

Ignorance can be eliminated by learning and/or by experience.

Stupidity lasts a lifetime.

This may be a learning opportunity, for many…

 Peter Walsh