Shameful showing

Canucks, riots, shameful, Stanley Cup

You’re not a true fan, you’re an idiot.

A moron, really. A pathetic, emotionally-stunted, barbaric grease-ball.

You have made fools of true fans, true Canadians and decent human beings.

The Canucks lost 4-0 Wednesday night and while most everyone could envision some sort of backlash in the streets of Vancouver, the actual display was downright shameful.

Cars were set ablaze, Marquee stores looted, people were stabbed – at least one is still listed in critical condition.

Police used pepper spray and tear gas to control the crowds, unfortunately their efforts, for the most part, were unsuccessful.

Police and bystanders were pelted with bottles, stones, projectiles and firecrackers. At St. Paul’s Hospital, more than 100 people were treated, most for tear gas exposure, while a steady stream of ambulances poured into the hospital’s emergency bay.

Spokesperson Justin Karasick said the hospital tended to four stabbings, eight head wounds, and four or five lacerations by late evening.

Another 40 were treated at Vancouver General Hospital. Is this how these “fans” wanted to showcase their city?

Is this how we show the world we know how to take a loss, back our team and focus on the future?

It was a wasted opportunity to showcase class, not to mention maturity.

And these morons are going to ruin it for the rest of us. Either police need to ban these types of street parties, which would be a shame, or invest in a much stronger presence.

Wednesday night was sad and embarrassing – and losing the cup had nothing to do with it.

– Autumn MacDonald, Observer