Speak up, speak often

ICBC, RCMP, drunk driving

When will we get it?

How many lives need to be lost? How many hearts broken, dreams shattered, orphaned children and  stolen moments have to occur before we say enough?

RCMP and ICBC have kicked their summer CounterAttack campaign in to high gear.

And before those that have a brain and a conscience roll their eyes at having to be reminded not to drink and drive, consider this: On average in B.C. 126 people die every single year because of a drunk driver.

All you have to do is check out the Gold Pan City’s criminal court lists every Tuesday and you’ll see it’s bogged down with idiots climbing behind the wheel after one too many pints.

Yes, our drinking and driving laws are far more harsh than they used to be, but there is still work to be done.

Obviously we’re still not taking it seriously.

This is where those of us who recognize how stupid and reckless drinking and driving is need to speak up. Tell your drunk buddy at the BBQ he is either going home in a cab or crashing on your couch. There is no room for maybe, there is no excuse of half-ass attempts.

If we make it socially unacceptable, surely it’ll catch on.

Look at smoking? It used to be not only OK, but the norm. Now the majority wrinkles their nose at the cancer smoke.

It’s about a mind-frame, it’s about changing how we see things, it’s about sharing that opinion and making it heard loud and clear.

We will not stand for another child’s life cut short, we will not be quieted, we will not look the other way.

It is time to take back our roads and our right to arrive home safely.

–Autumn MacDonald, Observer