Teen Mentor speaks to value of program

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Big Sister Brianne and Little Sister Jessie enjoy a game of frisbee.

Big Sister Brianne and Little Sister Jessie enjoy a game of frisbee.

I believe the Teen Mentoring program at Big Brothers /Big Sisters is great.  It gives children a role model who helps them to grow and learn in ways that will help them throughout their life.  Not only does it help the “little” learn, but Big Brothers/Big Sisters also teaches the Teen Mentors important lessons.

Being a teen mentor, I grew to understand the importance of good role models in children’s lives.  Children learn from what they see older people in their life doing; they learn in a “monkey see, monkey do” kind of way.  Some children, however, don’t have good role models in their life and this is not their fault.  Big Brothers/Big Sisters gives those children an opportunity to have a good role model and learn from them.  While I was a teen mentor, I could see the impact I made on those children in such a short period of time.  For example, my first buddy was very hyper and didn’t like to help clean up at first.  He was not very respectful at all.  By the end of my time with him he had settled down and would listen very well.  He would help me clean up without me asking and he was talking to me in a much kinder voice.  I believe he did so because he had been around me enough to learn the appropriate ways to act and treat each other. Big Brothers/Big Sisters does more than just help teach children life lessons though.  This program helps to build friendships.

Being in it, I have learned how much having a reliable friend can mean to a child.

It gives them something to look forward to each week.

It gives them confidence when an older student encourages them. A teen mentor lets a child know they are cared about and have people there for them.  Not only does the “little” receive a good friend, but so does the teen mentor.  I grew very close to my “littles” and was sad when it was time to say good bye. Altogether, I believe Big Brothers/Big Sisters, has helped me, along with my “littles”, to learn from each other and grow into better people.

It is a wonderful program that benefits everyone who is part of it.  It has showed me how much my support can help a child and I would be very happy to do it again. – Megan Poole is a Grade 12 graduate and recipient of BBBSQ scholarship.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is pleased to announce that it is again the recipient of the Growth Award from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.  Through its various programs, the agency served almost 170 children/youth in the community in 2011.

BBBSQ 6th Annual Golf for Kids Sake is at 1 p.m., Sept. 15 at Richbar Golf and Gardens.  Now is the time to sign up for this event.  Give us a call at 250-992-7257.  You can register at bigbrothersbigsistersofquesnel.ca

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Staples has started their Stock the Lockers campaign. Call us if you are in need of financial assistance to purchase school supplies for your children.

If you can donate money or supplies, please drop by Staples.

Raffle tickets for the West Jet flight for two anywhere in North America (excluding charter) are on sale until Sept. 17.  Drop by 368 Vaughan Street.

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Maggie Bello is executive director of BBBSQ and regular Observer columnist.