The end of days



This must be the “End of Days” what with all this weird weather we’ve had.

Heavy rains in all parts of Europe with over 3,000 lives lost by floods in England alone and over 10,000 dead in the Rhine Valley.

A tremendous storm in Holland causing an overflow of the Meuse River when the dikes broke killing more than 100,000 citizens of Friesland and Zealand; floods in California killing 50,000 and 7,000 frozen to death in a blizzard in Sweden.

An awful cyclone and tidal wave destroyed 30,000 homes in Calcutta and more than 90,000 people drowned,

The living could not bury the dead and pestilence killed another 50,000 thousand.

Floods in the Danube with whole cities submerged and hurricanes and cyclones killing thousands in the West and East Indies.

This is the “End of Days.”

They ended in: 293, 1000, 1421, 1617, 1807, 1780 and…

That’s the thing about days.

They end.


J.W. Caughlan, Dazed