The polls are frightful for the B.C. Liberals



The polls out there are frightful, yet Clark still believes she’s delightful, while those in the political know wish she had stayed on her old talk show.

What’s all this – a Christmas parade in July? Here comes Christy Claws, here comes Christy Claws, right down Christy Claws Lane. Christy’s got a bag that’s filled with goodies for boys and girls again. Hear those election bells jingle jangle. Oh what a terrible sight. So jump into bed, and cover up your head, ‘cause Christy Claws comes tonight.

Unfortunately the nightmare continues. Last year Premier Campbell gave me a present I didn’t want and now Premier Clark has rewrapped the HST and is trying to stick me with it again. I never asked for an HST and I don’t want an HST. The Liberals just don’t take time to listen to voters.

I guess they are too busy practising new pallor tricks for the next election.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.