Wasted money


What’s the point.

If you’re not going to look at it all, be honest and do what you say you’re going to do, what is the point?

After a year and millions of dollars the probe into whether Canadian soldiers knowingly handed over Afghan prisoners to torture, has not been answered.

But is anyone really surprised?

The whole investigation was flawed from the get-go. And it only serves to undermine the electorate’s ability to see the entire “probe” was a hoax.

Wednesday, more than 4,000 pages of records were released by Conservative, Liberal and Bloc Quebecois and yet they barely scratch the surface. A further estimated 40,000 pages of material on the matter are being held by the Canadian government.

There’s also no real reason as to why, except, of course, the simple conclusion the inquiry was nothing more than an expensive farce designed to placate the public.

Why not just say “we don’t care?”

Right, of course, that would be  “un-Canadian.”

So when did Canadian become synonymous with dishonest?

Yes, the cost is huge. In fact, Conservatives said the process has already cost taxpayers $12 million and suggest any more probing would be a waste of time.

And yet, the multi-million (literally) question still remains: Did soldiers know they were handing over Afghan prisoners to torture?

That is the only thing that matters here and if we’re not going to release all pertinent information and give this case the due process it deserves, let’s just be honest about it.

There are two options here: Admit you’re done with the process, without answering anything and move on. Or, release all information, spend the money and time and unearth the answers.

This farce is played out.