What are you afraid of?

Shannon Wyminga includes a discussion about what people are most afraid of and how they can overcome those fears

Halloween!  Will you be scared?  Will ghosts or goblins jump out and scare the pants off you?  Sometimes it is fun to be scared.  That’s why roller coasters, scary movies and Halloween are so popular.  We like to get the adrenalin pumping once in a while.  But often fear isn’t so fun.

There can be much to be afraid of – illnesses that run in our family; growing old; people who may hurt us; falling off the wagon; driving winter roads. We may also have deep inner fears that we hide, like being afraid of our feelings, or of what people would think of us if they could really see us inside.

How do you deal with fear?  How do you face the things that make you afraid?  Some of us act tough to cover it all up.  Some lash out to make others afraid of us so we don’t feel so weak. We may experience depression or get physically sick by holding our fears inside.

There is an answer to fear.  Perfect love drives out fear… says the Bible (1 John 4:18).  When we are afraid, we need someone bigger than us to protect, guide and give us the confidence to face our fears, assuring us we are loved no matter what.  Perfect love doesn’t leave room to be afraid. Perfect love helps us feel good about ourselves and comfortable with our limitations.  It heals the hurts in us and lets us see ourselves with grace.  Perfect love comes only from the Creator who loves us completely.  God’s love, when we receive it as a gift, can drive out the fears that hold us down. So what are you afraid of?  Ask the Creator’s son Jesus into your life to bring love that conquers fear. When the boogie men jump out at you, you will be safe from all you fear, for you will be loved perfectly.

Shannon Wyminga is a member of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church in Nazko.