Who will minister?

Rawlin Falk, pastor of Maple Park Alliance Church, spoke on Who will minister?

Psalm 101:6 My eyes

shall be upon the faithful

of the land, that

they may dwell with

me; He who walks in

a blameless way is the

one who will minister

to me. (NAS95)

I asked myself after

reading this section of

the Psalm, “Who have

I been looking at?” It

is an interesting thing to consider. Which personalities

have we given the most attention to?

The faithful of the land, or those we would say

we disagree with. The Psalmist understood the

power of a positive influence. When we travel

with those who speak encouragement, we will

be encouraged. When we work with those who

are upright, we will walk uprightly. We end up

the same place as those we are traveling with, so

it is important to know where our companions

plan to go.

The information we allow into our soul through

our eyes is a personal choice. It is not sufficient

to keep out the negative, but we need to actively

seek out positive, uplifting stories of faith.

There are so many good biographies of men

and women of faith that can challenge you to go

on with God. Just prior to my fiftieth birthday, I

was a little discouraged thinking that my useful

days were swiftly drawing to a close.

Then I picked up two biographies of men

of God that I admire. Both of them had felt

a call of God after their 49th birthday. Faith

immediately took hold and I was able to go on

with a renewed determination.

I challenge you to sit down and evaluate who

is ministering to you. Who have you set your

eyes on? Whose life do you know most about? Is

it the faithful of the land or those who amount

to nothing in the Kingdom of God?

Rawlin Falk is pastor with Maple Park Alliance

Church in Quesnel.