Words and sayings to live by

Honey Affleck reports on activities and events at the Quesnel Museum and Archives

I’ve had a few inquires about the quotes at the end of my column, no, they are not of my making… would that they were!  They come from a tome called “Lines to Live By”, a collection of verse, comments, and prose edited by Clinton T. Howell.  If ever a quote is signed, I will definitely acknowledge the author… wouldn’t want to be sued for plagiarism by Aristotle or Oliver Wendell Holmes.  My intent is merely to take us back to a place in time where we were brought up with sayings (some of them trite) that were meant to guide us on the path of life.

Do you have a favourite one your mother or grandmother continually used to “keep you in line”?  Anyone over 50 should probably remember “Oh, the gift, the gift he gi’e us, to see ourselves as others see us.”

Enough reminiscing!  There are things happening at your museum in which I’m certain you will be interested.  For example: the Friends of the Museum are planning on having their annual book sale on May 5.  Proceeds from this sale support the Oral History project as well as other museum-related projects.  Any donations to the sale will be gratefully accepted.

The museum is also planning on having their sale of de-accessioned items and bottle sale at that event. More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

If you are at the airport, be certain to check out our new display, set up with the intention of informing visitors of just what our museum has to offer.

Obviously someone is reading these articles as we have had the donation of a Siwash sweater, after our last request.

This week we are looking for a bottle or container of men’s hair oil.  The museum has a new exhibit of items we may never see again… hair oil for men, straight razors, ‘78 records and a record player.  In order to “flesh” it out, we are looking for this particular item.  Do you happen to have any men’s hair oil?

Do you happen to have a pair of speed skates we could add to our Winter Exhibit? Hoping to see you as you “pass time” at the Museum.

Honey Affleck is chair of the Museum and Heritage Commission with the Quesnel and District Museum and Archives.