A barrel of fun at the Alex Fraser Park

Riders were barreling around Alex Fraser Park last weekend competing for glory and money.

Riders were barreling around Alex Fraser Park last weekend under the hot, summer sun, competing for glory, money and the exhiliration of speed. Three categories, peewee, junior and the open, were open to riders depending on their age. The event started Friday and winded down on Saturday.

Ashley Zappone, (a 2013 Quesnel Grad) had a good weekend.  Riding her horse Smart And Lucky Lady, she won the 1D average in the open and the trophy saddle.  Chelsea Brears, riding Flint, won the 2D average in the open and a buckle. In the junior category, Brett Wills, riding Salty, won the junior average and the saddle, Alexis Glassford riding Cajun, won the 2D average and a buckle and Sarah Mack, riding Sissy, won the 3D average and the set of pop up barrels.  In the pee wee average Dyson LeNeve, riding Huckleberry, won the 1D average and the saddle, Kira Stowell, riding Pennies, won the 3D average prize, pop up barrels and pee wee Brooklyn Glassford, riding Double, received a grooming bag.

The race was 5 divisions, paying to 4 places in the open in each division and we paid out over $11,000 in winnings for the open, junior and pee wee categories. A saddle went to the 1D average winners, a buckle to the 2D average winners, pop up barrels to the 3D average winners, a horse blanket to the 4D average winners and a leather Western style purse and bit warmer to the 5D average winners.  There was also had a prize for each of the pee wees who didn’t win an average prize.